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February 2005

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Figuring it Out - February 13

Today's adventure is sponsored by the letter "C" for cold, with additional funding from "D" for depression.

I knew there was something wrong with mail I got this past week. Sometimes when I'm sick it takes me even longer than my usual pondering time to see what it is that bugs me about something. But I knew there was something wrong.

Some background: My mother's illness and subsequent stays in nursing homes, etc., ate through all my savings and all of hers. It also left us (umm, me) in debt. I have been trying to pay down all that debt, which is divided between several unsecured loans. And I've been chipping away at it, if not making it disappear.

A while back, one of the original creditors sold the debt to another company, and that company has basically been an asshole about working with me to set up a payment agreement. Let's just call it the Asshole Company.

So I was saying that something was wrong. What was wrong became apparent tonight:

Asshole Company has now subcontracted the same debt two times, to two different collection agencies.

Asshole Company has not paid attention and has done both subcontracts at the same time.

I have now, just this week, received bills from both agencies for the same time period and the same amount, with both saying they represent the Asshole Company regarding the (specific named) account, and that I should make my payments to them.

Umm, nope. Won't do that. Will make them, and Asshole Company, sort it out.

I may be sick, physically and mentally. But I am not stupid.

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