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December 2004

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December 8

A household hint for you, if you're in the midst of a breakup that you hope will have a reconciliation: do not save the leftover condoms in your underwear drawer. Particularly do not save them in a pretty little box in the drawer, underneath the rarely-worn pretties.

Because if things don't go the way you think you want them to go, it will hurt like you've been slapped when you open that damned box and find out what you've stored in it. And then you'll have to dispose of said condoms, because they're way, way past their time of being safe.

However, should you make this mistake, you do not need to dispose of the pretty little box (which is not the original package, by the way). Unless you just want it gone.

You might instead find something pretty to put in the pretty box, so that the next time you open it, you'll have reason to smile.

Other than that interlude, Tuesday was a lovely day.


I am delighted to be participating again in Holidailies. In addition to those participating in the portal, there are writers who are doing "Holidailies at Home." A list of those participants, as well as other information about Holidailies, is available through the link.

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