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December 2004

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December 7

I did a little unexpected housecleaning last night. It's the sort that gets started when you don't remember what safe place you've used to store something, so you need to check them all. And I'm not through checking.

The safe places are getting themselves cleaned out, one by one, as I check them. That's a good thing. Now if I can take the next six years or so off work to finish the cleaning....

I've discovered that I've gotten into the very bad habit of not putting my things back where they belong. That got started a few years ago, when I decided some of those things needed to be stored in more convenient spots.

And you guessed it---I'm still deciding where some of those more convenient spots are. I'm now realizing this transition needs to stop, before I lose something really important---like my mind.

And in terms of the things that just plain need putting away in their still-current spots, I need to get back into the very good habit of putting them away.


I am delighted to be participating again in Holidailies, which starts today. The current list of participants, as well as other information about Holidailies, is available through the link.

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