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November 2004

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November 3

I don't really have much to say about the election results, except to congratulate the victors and to say that what I'm really feeling at this point is grief for things that might have been.

I am pleased with how some of the North Carolina races came out, and am still delighted with how many people showed up to vote. I may have more to say another time, but not tonight.

Instead, I'll tell you about a couple of things indicative once again of the connections promulgated by the World Wide Web.

I received a real treat in today's postal mail. Some background: David had mentioned in an entry last month a recital held for the rededication of a church's pipe organ that had been renovated and rebuilt.

I had occasion to write to David recently, and in the course of my note I asked if more information about the organ was available. As I told him, I'm a bit of a pipe organ geek and was interested in what had been done.

He offered to send me the recital program, which included the specifications of the organ and comments from the church's music director and the organ builder about the work. I said I'd love to see it, and that program was my treat for the day.

Recognizing that not all my readers share the geekiness, I'll say that I was impressed with what I read, and that I suspect the recital was a marvelous experience for those who were in attendance.

Earlier in the day, I had occasion to get in touch with an attorney in another state, to ask for a referral to an attorney in a different practice area than his. You might think this is a common thing for a law firm administrative assistant to do, and in a lot of ways you'd be right.

But how I came to ask this particular attorney was that I know him from a message board. I thought he might know someone who could help our attorney, so I sent him a private message through the board's feature. He replied in the same manner. A bit unorthodox, perhaps, but it was convenient and made sense to both of us.

I love how those strands of the Web connect us not only to information we need, but also to each other.

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