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November 2004

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November 4

It was announced today that Elizabeth Edwards has been diagnosed with breast cancer. One of the local television stations has offered to forward e-mail messages to her and to the family. If you would like to send an encouraging word, feel free to use this link. And since I know you readers are good with good vibes, prayers, positive thoughts, and the like, please send those to her and those who care for her, too.

The young man written of in the September entry linked above is continuing to recover quite nicely. His family has told us that he's back in college, getting caught up on the work he missed while he was in the hospital. He did have to reduce his courseload for the term, but should be able to make up those courses with no trouble. Again, I appreciate the support you have sent to him and his family.

* * * * * * * * * * *

We're now back to having fall in North Carolina, after a few summer days earlier in the week. I knew it would come, of couse, but the lovely, warm days were deeply appreciated. It's a little odd, though, to go from wanting air conditioning to wondering if it's time to turn on heat in the space of three days.

The answer to the heat question, incidentally, is, "not just yet." It's still warm enough outside that inside is quite pleasant. This pleases me.

Something that amuses me is that I'm once again getting a lot of search engine hits for "celebration pictures." That term gets the searchers this celebration of my birthday last year. I'm pleased, of course, but based on the time frame, I suspect the searchers are really looking for pictures of a celebration held last weekend in Boston. Something about a ballgame, I believe...

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