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June 2004

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June 10

There was a manhunt today, conducted by several local police agencies and crossing two towns' lines. It started when a sighting was made of an alleged murderer. Well, not really, but we'll get to that. Anyway, the man saw that he had been seen, pulled off the road, and ran into some woods. There began the footchase.

I heard about it around 4:30 p.m. It started with news of lockdowns at three local schools, and got more complicated the more I found out. Traffic was being rerouted. I was keeping track of it on a local television station's website, at first out of curiosity then out of a deep desire to know whether or not the road I live on was open to traffic. That's right, this whole thing was taking place along my road. And along the railroad tracks that run not too far from my apartment.

The man was presumed to be armed and dangerous, of course, which is why the schools were locked down. During the afternoon he was sighted running several different places, which pretty much tells me he was both desperate and in pretty good shape, because it was hot here today and he covered quite a few miles. Oh, he was running barefooted. His route included hot pavement, gravel, and railroad ties.

Word finally came that he had been captured. Along with that came word that the man they had been chasing was not the man they thought they had been chasing. They didn't have their alleged murderer, but they did have someone wanted on less serious charges. The twit got himself a brand new charge for his troubles: resisting arrest. He probably also has a good case of poison ivy, from all his travels through wooded areas.

And the murder suspect? He was captured later in the evening, without incident.

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