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June 2004

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June 9

On this day last year, we managed to get rid of a huge piece of stress at the law firm, with the firing of TC. And the peace that has been in the lobby since her departure (and the subsequent hiring of Kathy) has been and continues to be marvelous.

Even on days like today, when there was just too much going on at the office.

Somehow, two-thirds of the population of the county managed to either have appointments with one or the other of our attorneys, or to call the office for some reason or other. Add to that Kathy is on vacation this week, so Wendy and I have been trying to fill in. It is not easy!

I took advantage of what I thought was going to be a quiet minute to call the copier company for more toner. I was wrong about that quiet minute.

While I was on hold waiting for a human being, another phone line rang. I have never figured out an effective way to put hold on hold, so I ended the copier company call and took the other one, which was someone trying to sell us subscriptions to the local paper. I turned her down, babbling something to the effect that all who wanted the paper already subscribed.

That accomplished, I called the copier place back and resumed my wait for a human. I probably shouldn't admit this, but I'd much rather listen to bad music on hold than to advertising for something I have no intention of buying. I did find out one useful thing in all the blurb, though: the company has a new website. Maybe I can wade through its ads and find out how to order the toner online next time.

When I finally had a chance to talk with a human and place the order, I found out that according to their records I didn't exist. Since I had all the right code numbers, they were happy to set the order in motion anyway, but the clerk with whom I was speaking said that according to their records someone with a name a little similar to mine was the person who often placed orders.

My answer to that was that I guessed someone had written it down in a hurry. The clerk then asked if I would mind staying on the line with her the sixty seconds or so it would take her to update the system with the correct information.

Since she didn't threaten to send me back to hold, I was happy to comply.

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