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June 2003

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June 7

It was a challenging day at work. Kathy is on vacation, and all of us, attorneys too, took a turn at minding the lobby. Needless to say, Kathy was missed!

Due to a major development in the complicated matter I mentioned last week, we had a lot of people in and out of the office. We also had a few stray people who wandered in in search of other law firms.

The strays included one woman, with a very heavy French accent, who will be called Ms. X. She was hell-bent that she had an appointment with one of our attorneys. I wasn't so sure, when she asked for the attorney by two different people's names, but I did try to help by telling her the correct names of both attorneys. She pretty much picked one, so I went to get that attorney, Associate One, who was trying to eat lunch at the time.

Associate One knew she had not made an appointment for the lunch hour, and didn't recognize the Ms. X's name. She was thinking that Ms. X must be a new client who had the day wrong. But when she got to the lobby, and Ms. X greeted her by saying that she was there for their appointment regarding immigration law, Associate One was sure Ms. X had the wrong law firm. None of our attorneys do work in that practice area.

I knew that an attorney in a nearby building worked in that practice area, and offered to walk over to their reception area with Ms. X. Ms. X then looked in the papers she had with her and either realized she was in the wrong office complex completely or that she had the day wrong. After declining my offer, she left our office and headed toward the parking lot.

I hope she found or will find her attorney. I also hope that attorney is fluent in French, which I am not. It will make their appointments much easier.

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