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June 2004

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June 2

We're working on something fairly complicated at the office, and by the end of the day I was tired. Very tired. That tired came with a headache, so I came home and napped a bit, in an attempt to get the headache to go away. It worked.

So now that my headache's gone, and I'm a little rested, what's on my mind? Not much of anything entry-worthy. I will tell you one amusing-to-me work bit from the afternoon.

I was preparing a Power of Attorney form for a new client. The attorney who had asked me to do the form had left for the day. It was a fairly straightforward POA, with one little bit of confusion. The gender of the client.

The client's first name turned out to be one of those that dwells in the land of ambiguous, and none of the information I had gave me a clue. Since there's one part of the document where pronouns are used, I needed to know.

So I went to my secret weapon: a second attorney in the firm who had also met with the client. I asked him. Turned out the client was female.

With that mystery solved, I finished the POA form and went on to other things.

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