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March 2004

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March 3

A day filled with changes of plan. I got to work to find out that Kathy had been called away to pick up her ailing son at school---apparently he's the latest victim of a virus. That meant I spent some time doing lobby duty. The timing on this was good, actually, since I had mail to sort and that's one of the things just as easily done at one desk as another.

Then later in the day I got a notice from the hosting company for, letting me know that they'd had a major server problem and that not only had sites been down, e-mail was still wonky. If you have written to me today and the mail bounced, that's why.

It's when something like that happens that I am once again glad to have made a decision to have my various sites hosted at more than one place. The original reason for the decision was to check out a new-to-me company several years ago. But it has been handy more than once to be able to direct things somewhere else.

I wound up leaving work a little later than planned. As a result of napping, my dinner was later.

And, for the record, this wasn't really what I had planned to write about tonight.

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