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March 2004

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A Point of Etiquette --- March 2

I've been trying very hard for the last several days to come up with some polite, possibly oblique way to make a point that for my sake needs making. Frankly, my polite is all used up at the moment, so I'm just going to blurt it out.

I do not like it when a reader writes to me to ask me a question about another journaller. I don't give a damn who you are, and what level of friendship you think you have with me. If you want to know why someone is or isn't doing something in a journal, ask that person.

I have close, deep friendships with several people who write journals. I may or may not know why they've changed updating schedules, or why they changed designs, or why they have certain opinions. I may or may not know when or if they plan to make the foregoing information public. But in no instance is it my place to do the telling, unless the other writer has specifically asked me to do so, in which case you'll see it here. Once something is made public by the other writer, I may well point it out to you. But if it's something I know in private, it will stay that way.

So here's what's acceptable: if you know me well enough to know that I know someone, you're welcome to get in touch with me if your e-mail to that person has bounced, to ask if I know of an e-mail problem. If you're desperate to get in touch with the other writer, and I know of an alternate method of contact, I might well offer to get in touch on your behalf, and ask the person to get in touch with you. I won't give out the other journallers' addresses or telephone numbers or other means of contact that are not posted in plain sight on their sites.

One last item of business: Do not write to me to apologize for past sins. I forgive you. Just don't ever, ever do it again.

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