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February 2004

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February 10

Zoe, outside my office

Zoe paid me a visit the other afternoon, and decided to stay awhile. She curled up in the hallway just outside my office, and posed for her picture when I asked.

We've had a busy couple of days at the law firm, with many clients in and out of the place. Perhaps the happiest ones were an elderly couple who came by on Monday, and asked specifically to have Zoe join them and their attorney. Zoe was pleased to comply.

For the record, Zoe is, like many dogs, motivated by food. But she also has other motivators, including just the presence of her people. It makes my day ever so much better that I'm one of the people with whom she wants to spend time.

February 9

This was one of those days when the earth itself was depressed.

The ground lay quiet. The ever stoic evergreens maintained their watch over the land, and there was nothing.

Creatures human and otherwise came and went quickly, heads down under the weight.

The skies followed suit. After staying gray much of the day, they finally sighed and let loose their bundles of rain drops.

It was fitting when night came to wrap its cloak around the the sorrow.

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