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February 2004

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February 11

Once again North Carolina's central region is waiting for a snowstorm. The difference this time is that we're only expecting snow. No one is threatening sleet or freezing rain with that. So I'm not especially worried about the storm, especially since the temperature shouldn't get so low that there will be much of any freezing on the roads.

I probably won't get to work tomorrow, but I did plan ahead for that. So did everyone else at the law firm, so we're in good shape, whatever the weather.

After work, I went to get a few things at the grocery store, expecting to spend quite a while in line behind others stocking the larders. To my surprise, there weren't that many other people in the store, and the shelves were well stocked. I got the things I wanted and was out of there in under ten minutes. Of course, there may have been a major rush after I left.

So tonight we wait. We're watching whichever news we please, and looking out windows periodically, to see the still-clear earth. And we're optimistic that this snow storm will finally be one the adults can enjoy---one that's pretty, doesn't disrupt life too much, and melts quickly.

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