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October 2003

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October 14

Although I had Monday with all its full complement of Mondayness yesterday, damned if I didn't have a repeat of it today. Only this one came complete with rain.

One part of this very busy day could have been a whole lot worse. I know full well when my car license plate needs its renewal sticker, and that the stickers can be ordered online. But I forgot to go online and order the thing early enough to get it by the deadline.

Since said deadline is tomorrow, I made plans to go get the thing today. And I did so, and it didn't take anything like as long as it could have...which I'm taking as a sign that more and more people are using the online option.

Something else about the trek that was better than it could have been is traffic wasn't too heavy, which is a little unusual for a rainy day in Chapel Hill. On days when it rains here, people who live in the city limits of Chapel Hill tend to drive three cars apiece. I don't live inside those limits, so I don't know the secret of driving three at once---apparently it's given out with house keys. Nor do I know where the people store their spare cars on dry days.

After work I got to go out in the rainy weather again to head home. By this time, the rain itself had let up, but the streets were puddly. Part of the challenge of driving at that time of early evening on a rainy day is to avoid drowning the bicyclists and pedestrians with whom you're sharing the road. But I persevered, made it home, and sat down to ponder the Mondayness of Tuesday.

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