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October 2003

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October 13

Today's work ended with perhaps the most important discussion I had in the office all day. Younger Partner and I were discussing sports at UNC. This discussion started because I hadn't found out who won the latest Carolina football game and went in search of said Partner, who had attended it.

The discussion ranged beyond football to the coming beginning of basketball season, and to the expansion of the Atlantic Coast Conference. We covered the potential redesign of the ACC logo, how to make the conference divisions fair, and the notion of travel costs to the newer schools in the conference. Umm not for ourselves, but for the current conference teams.

And you thought all we did all day was crank out documents and feed the dog.

Earlier in the afternoon, Associate 1 asked me to help her out while she's out of the office for a family matter. Among other things, would I please check her e-mail and delete the painkiller spam? And while I'm at it, I should please read any e-mail that comes from clients. We're both sure the inbox will get more spam than client input, since she has been letting her clients know her plans.

Associate 2 has decided to leave the firm and start a solo practice. We all wish her the best of luck, and have been doing the behind-the-scenes work necessary to facilitate the move. She's rented office space in another building in the complex, so her move has been in small doses.

Of course, office dog Zoe is not pleased about this development. She had become accustomed to getting attention from Associate 2, in the form of ear skritches and food gifts. Zoe stares with a certain amount of dismay at the rapidly-emptying office (Associate 2 had brought some of her own furniture), and then does the dog-language equivalent of heaving a sigh as she goes back to her favorite resting place.

Not to worry. Zoe's other humans are fully prepared to take up the slack.

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