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April 2003

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April 24

What a day. And what a very long day.

First of all, this is the seventh anniversary of my mother's death, so that's been on my mind most of the day. The last time I saw her was in mid-afternoon. I always hope to be busy, and not paying attention to the time, during that part of the day on the anniversary. And I try not to watch the clock during the time of night when the doctor called to let me know she had died. Getting past those two time points can be tricky. The mercy in today was that I was busy for both, and not paying much attention to the time.

I had been planning to write today about how things have changed since Mother's death. Noting those things matters to my soul. But I have a lot else on my mind tonight, so I think I'll save any further comments about those changes until a time when I can do them justice.

Things at the law firm were hectic in part because a conference was going on that involved opposing parties. The attorneys for our client were waiting in one attorney's office while the opponent's counsel worked on details in a conference room down the hall. I tried to stay out of the way and keep the front desk covered while its usual person, TC, was at lunch. It would have been much easier had I asked her to make me a chart of which person was in which room.

I had a funny exchange with a visiting attorney over where another visiting attorney was. I wasn't sure, because I hadn't actually met the second of those two attorneys. I thought she might have been the person in the restroom, but I decided blurting that out wouldn't help matters. So I told the first one I'd try to locate the second, and waited for the restroom door to open. Sure enough, the second attorney was the newly, umm, rested.

After the conference was over and all the guests gone, we got on with the rest of our work for the afternoon. There were the usual interruptions, and some unusual ones as well. Those will wait for another entry.

Then came evening, and we were still at work, waiting for documents to arrive from an out-of-state attorney. Said documents needed to be signed by one of our clients, who was waiting at his home (about five minutes' drive from the law firm) for us to let him know the documents had arrived. While we waited, Wendy and I finished up a few things, and talked about upcoming work.

The documents arrived, the client arrived, and the signing got done. By that time, we decided if we didn't soon leave, we'd already be at work for Friday. Okay, I'm exaggerating, but not by much.

Suffice it to say that my part-time job lasted eight and a half hours today. Now you see why I called it a very long day.

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