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August 2002

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August 29

For a variety of reasons I won't go into in detail, today was a bad day. It just plain sucked.

Sorry if I'm verging on writing one of those journal entries I particularly hate to read, wherein a writer writes, "I can't discuss the details....." I could discuss them, but you'd be bored witless by the time I finished. Just trust me that it was a bad, evil day.

While I'm already in a bad mood, I'll tell you a few things I hate:

--People promising things they don't deliver.

--Myself for believing said people, after the first instance from each.

--Being lied to.

--People spouting off when they don't know what the hell they're talking about, specifically those who talk about current events or recent history without getting their damned facts straight.

Oddly, none of those things had anything whatever to do with what made today such a sucky day.

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