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May 2002

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May 11

To an extent, today has been spent having retail fun. I went shopping for necessities (groceries and a couple of non-food things), and found some things on sale at greatly reduced prices.

I treated myself to a new watch. I haven't bought one in some years. And this one --- which has both gold and silver tones in it, thus complementing my existing jewelry --- was calling my name. The price tag on it let me know I could indeed have it, so it is on my left wrist as I type.

Another thing that was fun today was looking over the mail received from taking Sister Betty up on this. I asked, not because I want to trade cards, but because I love having conversation pieces around. And you may recall that I love advertising gimmicks.

I used the word, "complementing," about the watch. That reminds me of a piece of proofreading silliness from a few weeks ago. I was looking over the text of an ad someone wanted to use, in which the person had said that certain household items "complimented" things you already had.

I spent a few minutes giggling over that one, after changing that "i" to the "e" it should have been. I could imagine throw pillows making nice comments about the draperies, or wall hangings saying that the lamps are lovely.

Sometimes there are unexpected perks to my freelance work!

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