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May 2002

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May 12

I am often amused when people decide to make up rules about how something should be done, proclaim these rules as The One Right Way, then go blithely off to do otherwise. It becomes less amusing when the people who, after proclaiming something The One Right Way and blithely doing otherwise, start whining about those who do otherwise along with them.

There are a lot of reasons why, "Do as I say, not as I do," doesn't usually work. Most of the time, it's because people see through hypocrisy. Offhand, the only times I recall it working have been when something clearly dangerous was involved.

The mini-rant above was brought to you courtesy of an idiot with whom I had to deal today. After paying attention to the spewage coming forth, I realized I could either laugh or get disgusted. Laughing was better.

On a different subject, something that did not amuse me even one little bit was getting a statement from my ISP that said I was being billed extra for simultaneous usage---ISP-talk for more than one person being signed on to an account at once.

I disputed that, and the ISP removed the charge, once they learned the pertinent information. In this case, what's pertinent is that there is no one else who has access to my account, and that the account is only used by one person (aka me) on one machine (which would be this one). While I was at it, I changed the password, since there was a possibility someone had hacked the account.

I'm glad this got straightened out, without much hassle. All I didn't need was another piece of idiocy today.

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