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May 2002

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May 7

I don't really want to know why someone was searching this afternoon for "Gaston County Death Certificates." But the person did find all four words, in that order but not as a phrase, in an entry I wrote a while back. The search was done by someone using the server at NC State University, which is in Raleigh and is a couple of counties over from me.

It always amuses me when someone in the local area uses one of the regional universities' servers to search and winds up visiting my site as a result. I'm occasionally sorry there's no way to get in touch with the searcher, to say something like, "Hi, neighbor! I see you want some information on blahblahblah. Hope I told you what you wanted to know; if not, here's my phone number."

The searches that make me sad are the ones for funeral hymns or other funeral-related topics. I get a fair number of hits from those searches, and I often wonder if the searcher is someone making plans for a loved one's funeral. There are, of course, other reasons why someone might want to know about such things.

The people who search for "Becky" puzzle me a little. I'm never quite sure I'm the one they want, but if they are savvy enough to work a search engine, they are savvy enough to read the blurb that comes along with the link to the site.

But my very favorite search today was from someone who wanted "person playing piano," which gets you to this entry, which includes an anecdote about thoughts on cooking. By the way, that's the first link MSN offers for that phrase. Out of six.

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