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May 2002

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May 8

It was a busy day at the law firm, with lots of odds and ends of work being finished up. But there were some fun moments. Two of them particularly stand out.

First, about an hour after I arrived, Zoe decided she needed some attention from Aunt Becky. It was too early for lunch --- Zoe tends to be a good timekeeper and knows when it's my lunchtime. I figured when she kept nudging me for attention beyond petting that either she was out of water or wanted to go outside.

I checked her water bowl, which was amply filled. That left going out. So I got her leash and out we went. Zoe headed west, toward the two neighboring law firms. She did what looked an awful lot like curtsying at each door (she has buddies in each firm), then headed back in the direction of our office. She made no attempt to go potty.

As we were heading back, we met up with one of the attorneys in one of those two firms. Now this gentleman is someone I've known since my days with Non-Profit Agency #2, and I can tell you he is aging quite well. In fact, the man can easily be considered eye candy. Zoe likes him too, because he has been well trained and knows to greet the dog.

Apparently the real reason Zoe wanted to go out was to get her head patted by Mr. Eye Candy and to let Aunt Becky see the show.

Let's just say it was a pleasant interlude.

The second one was late in the afternoon and involved Young Partner. I was in Wendy's office when Young Partner came in and said he was leaving for the day, unless we needed him for something. I replied that I always hated to say to someone, "I don't need you," because it sounded so cold and rejecting.

He laughed, then replied that he wouldn't take it personally if I said yes, since what he really wanted to know was if we still needed him in his capacity as a licensed attorney, or if he could go home now. At which point I thanked him and told him his license wasn't needed for any other matters that day.

He and his license left, and an hour or so later, so did Zoe, Wendy, and I.

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