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May 2002

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May 4

It was pretty much a non-eventful day today. I did some crocheting and some housework, as I had thought I would do. And stayed in out of the rain.

I also played around some online, most notably spending time with The Usual Suspects.

Tonight I've wound up watching a couple of unremarkable movies, mainly to have the noise for company while I did quiet things. Umm, that sounds sad, and I don't mean it that way. It was actually a pleasant evening, with needed stuff getting done, while the television was on as the sort of company that does not get offended if you leave it talking to itself for stretches while you go to another room.

Yes, I am the person who says she rarely describes her days, especially if the day is of the boring-to-describe variety. You're actually getting this bit of fluff because I have a lot on my mind that isn't formed into sentences yet, and I don't want to babble myself into a corner.

By the way, another of my favorites is the entry I wrote a year ago today. It was a tribute to a very special person...the first of the chosen brothers. He's been on my mind today, too.

It's been a few months since I first asked how you spent Saturdays. If you haven't had a chance to answer that one, or would like to tell us more, here's the place.

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