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April 2002

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April 20

A Saturday assortment.

My most faithful "reader" is a spam bot. I recognize it in my site logs. Poor little bot can't find anywhere to send spam, since it doesn't find an e-mail link anymore. But it is a persistent little thing. Some days it comes to see me twice.

Thank you to the kind soul who used me as a referrer to Cafe Press. I have no way of knowing that person's identity, but I truly appreciate the check that showed up in my mail today.

Not much going on in Beckyland today. This is a good thing; parts of the past week were crazy-busy, and I needed some down time. If I hadn't been in need of something that couldn't wait till tomorrow, I'm not sure I would have gone out this afternoon.

Well, that's about it from here. I hope the weekend is going well for you.

April 19

There is an idiot afoot in the central part of North Carolina. I believe, to be precise, his office is in Raleigh. Poor idiot, though, keeps calling the law firm and tripping over me.

I have answered his calls several times, most recently at 4:59 p.m. today, when he wanted to speak with the same attorney I have told him repeatedly is not available late in the day. He wants to sell her some books.

They are books that she isn't interested in purchasing, since they're outside her specialty. But telling him that makes him ask if his sales partner can make an appointment to visit with her for fifteen minutes, to show her these wonderful books (never mind they're outside her specialty).

I have told this man that he needs to send written information (aka brochures) that the company has (trust me---I know this company and their brochures) to the law firm itself; that the two partners are the main ones ordering books (okay, that's a stretch; if an attorney wants a book, the book gets bought), and that the attorney he keeps calling is not the head of her own firm. He asks that every time, too.

And I'm telling you I think he's an idiot because he can't quite make himself write the stuff down after I have told him. And told him. And spelled things. And told him the mailing address.

If he calls again in the next few days, asking the same questions, I may just have to ask him if he thinks I'll change what I've told him every other time if he's just persistent.

Or I may just have Zoe take the call.

Zoe, pondering why a persistent salesman can't understand her when she barks.

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