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April 2002

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April 18

The third set following a theme started in February and continued in March, with many of the same people and some new ones.

As in the first two, the following comments are to ten different people, all called "you." And if one were to ask me who they are, I'd merely say, "you." The comments are not in any particular order, and are not intended to represent the entirety of my relationship with any of the ten.

You, I wish you were nearer.

Second you, you have introduced doubt, which makes me sad.

Third you, I welcome into my life.

Fourth you, you are on the edge of something wonderful. I wish you joy.

Fifth you, your intelligence leaves me in awe.

Sixth you, you are worth knowing, even when that is difficult.

Seventh you, I am impressed with your work ethic.

Eighth you, you have given yourself a measure of freedom that is most becoming.

Ninth you, congratulations on your successes.

And Tenth you, you are my sister in life.

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