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February 2002

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February 19

Before the day got good and started, I had some fun at home messing with David's spammer. I decided to write to the idiot in question, just because the situation was silly. Well, the idiot lost no time in calling me down for bothering to write. I'm not interested in having a flame war; it was enough for me to ask him if he had used English words when he searched for clubs on Yahoo. It was a legitimate question; one of the telephone numbers on his contact page is in Prague.

I do truly understand the importance of well-placed advertising. But I also understand how annoying it is to be spammed. I'm happy to tell you that since the contact form got put into place, this site hasn't had any. Of course, it's only been two days, and I have still had some at my other addresses. But I am enjoying the lack from here.

* * * * * * * * * * *

It was a busy day at the law firm today. For part of the afternoon, office dog Zoe and I were on our own. Zoe slept; I word-processed. This was after I had had my first-ever chance to take her outside on her leash. I thought this was a needs-based trip outside, but Zoe really just wanted to go see the world for a few minutes. When I told her I would take her I also told her she would need to mind me, since my idea of how to have outdoor fun with the dog does not include me getting pulled off my feet. And Zoe was a very good girl while we were outside; she very gently took me to several of her favorite areas on the grounds of our office complex.

Comic relief from the busy day was provided by two different encounters with pushy salespeople. The one on the phone got told goodbye after I patiently explained to her that we had no attorney in the firm who practiced the area of law that her books were intended to assist. I actually hung up when she was saying, "If you change your mind..." since I don't plan to lobby the partners to hire another attorney in a different specialty field just so we could buy a few more books.

The second encounter was with a pair who showed up to introduce themselves. They kept asking me to list off which of their products we were using, and interrupting me with questions as I spoke. Zoe must have realized from my tone of voice that I was losing patience. She came out to greet the salesmen. And I made no attempt to keep golden hair from getting shed on them. Their only way to avoid it was to beat a hasty retreat.

At least they had the sense to be polite on their way out.

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