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February 2002

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February 20

This is one of those seriously long weeks that has days that go on later than they should.

Which means some nights, there's simply not enough on my mind that's write-about-able to make for a journal entry. Tonight is pretty much one of those.

I will tell you one piece of law firm trivia: Wendy and I have voices that sound a lot alike. This sometimes causes a lot of confusion to people who don't know either of us all that well, and can be particularly amusing (to us, anyway) when we consider that people calling can't quite discern Wendy's native Philadelphia-area voice from my native North Carolina one.

We figure she's lived down here long enough, and I've met up with enough Northerners, that we are both blends. That and the fact that we both tend to say the same phrase when we answer the phone.

There are some really funny stories arising from this; sometime I'll tell you. Tonight, I'm going to go to sleep, to deal with the fact that the days have been queen-sized this week.

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