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January 2002

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January 25

Some random thoughts generated by the week just past:

I tend to recoil in absolute horror from unmitigated nastiness, especially when the subject of that nastiness is dead. I guess that comes from being brought up not to speak ill of the dead, and I don't always follow that rule either, but I do try to mitigate my nastiness.

I don't respond well at all to women who feel the need to behave like princesses. After all, Queen Becky knows better than to be so ill-mannered. I will allow princess-like behavior in Golden Retrievers, because coming from them, it's funny.

One of these days I need to write about how it is to be the woman serving as cover for a deeply closeted gay man. There are two versions of this one---the funny and the not funny at all.

Sometimes really embarrassing problems can be done away with by rearranging the furniture.

A really good meal late in the day, serving as both lunch and supper, can be a relatively inexpensive treat after a long week.

And sometimes you realize just how strong a friendship is in wonderfully surprising ways.

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