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January 2002

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January 10

I know you who are reading this are too smart to do what I'm going to gripe about, so please don't think I'm talking about you. But there are some people out there in the cyber world who are too stupid to be allowed near computers.

Case in point: on my Rebeccaworks site there is a crafters' links page that apparently gets a lot of search spider love. I like the page myself. But I have actually read it. And that's more than I can say for some of the people who arrive there.

Instead of reading the part that's up top, saying that the page is of LINKS to crafters who make a wide variety of items, these people scroll down to the contact link and send me notes. Asking for things I do not make or have any way of making.

Sometimes I feel sorry for the person making the request, like the woman looking for someone to make a wooden yard ornament as a memorial to her dog. With her permission, I passed that one along to the crafters' list.

I've answered all the requests, sometimes sending the person to a search engine, and sometimes sending them back to the links page. Until today, all the people who had written had asked me to make the whatever-they-wanted, for their own use.

Today's request was too weird for me---and those of you who have read a while know I don't find much in the world all that weird. The woman who wrote today wanted one hundred papier mache heart-shaped boxes. And wanted to buy them wholesale. She didn't exactly ask me to sell them to her, but wanted to know if I knew where she could get them. I'm wondering if she thought I knew all the other crafters on that page, or if I coordinated orders for them.

I answered her note in the usual manner, by sending a link to the crafters' links page and suggesting, politely, that she read the page. I really wish I could have come up with a polite way to ask her if she made all her business deals with as much stupidity as she was trying to make this one.

Me, I'm thinking about incorporating some new words into the text on the page. I should probably start with synonyms for the word, "links."

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