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January 2002

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January 9

This day was a very long one. The most noteworthy event was that I got a request for information about afghans that may well turn into an order. That pleased me. And there was a lot of sunshine, which also pleased me. But I'm tired, and pretty much out of anything to say.

So I'll stop now.

January 8

I've been planning to write a ranty piece about not confusing someone telling you that he or she won't answer a question with that person's having told a lie. But I'm not in much mood to rant. In any case, the person who most needs to see what I'd have to say no longer reads this site, and the rest of you probably don't need the sermon.

Suffice it to say that I will sometimes refuse to answer questions when I consider the answer to be none of the questioner's business, and I will not apologize for doing that, no matter how many hints the questioner throws out.

Instead, I'll tell you some of the more amusing parts of today. The first has to do with an online group in which I participate. It includes several other North Carolina folk. Today, one of them mentioned the small town of Denver, North Carolina, which is in Lincoln County. Another said that that was my hometown. Umm, no, it isn't. My reply, when I had a chance to hear about this exchange, was that I was from Dallas, North Carolina, not Denver, though the two towns are in neighboring counties (Dallas is in Gaston, for those of you who have your maps out; both are not too far from Charlotte). I can see how the person got confused; both are small towns that share names with large cities.

I went on to answer what I figured would be the next question (it is always the next question): no, my hometown was not named for Dallas, Texas. Both Dallases were named for the same man, though.

Another thing that amused me today was realizing I'm now ranked number one and two in this category. Gotta love those Google bots! And it was pointed out to me that I'm also the holder of the fifth position in the rankings, since that was my post to ThreeWay Action from a few months ago.

I bet I'm the only girl from Dallas, North Carolina who can claim ranking so high for mentioning porn in public!

And finally, if you haven't seen these pictures of how an office dog deals with snow days, please go look. I saw them several days ago, but they continue to amuse me. And Zoe continues to be a wonderful office dog.

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