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November 7, 2001

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Shredding -- the Paper Kind

I wrote recently about the art of Southern polite shredding, but today I'm talking about the kind where you make a piece of paper become many smaller pieces of paper.

One of the favorite toys at the law firm is the shredder. Aside from being useful and preventing us from having to tear confidential documents into unreadable fragments by hand, it's just plain fun.

Now "shredding" the by-hand way is a good way to get rid of frustration, but sometimes there's not enough frustration lurking to make it fun the whole time you're tearing the paper. That's what makes the mechanical variety of shredding such a blessing.

Of course, first off you get the job done---the document that needs to be rendered unreadable is so rendered. And you get rid of some frustration because in feeding the machine you are tearing paper into tiny bits. You also get the pleasure of hearing it be shredded by a machine that sounds like it is truly relishing doing the job. The sound of the machine doing its job reminds me of the sound of someone saying the morsel of food just consumed is yummy.

So you get the task done, you get rid of some frustration, and you get to be a gracious host or hostess by feeding a hungry, appreciative machine. And you don't tire your hands doing it.

Lots of wins there.

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