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October 30, 2001

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Crossing the Cranky

I wrote today to the man offering the, um, commercial real estate lease. I asked him why the hell he thought I would be interested, and I went on to say a few other things. By the way, apparently he followed a link to me from Planet SOMA, since he sent the same spam to David through that site. David has also let him know why getting in touch with us was annoying.

No, the property owner has not responded. I'm thinking he's laying pretty low these days. Two doses of Southern polite shredding will wear one out, so he probably needs some rest.

For the uninitiated: Southern polite shredding is done by good Southerners whenever someone has done something egregious. We point out the error of the person's ways, but politely! Sometimes we don't even mention the error itself.

Something else annoying me is that I have to adjust my comings and goings tomorrow. I have to leave work early to be able to get home. Since Chapel Hill doesn't want a lot of traffic (vehicular or otherwise) downtown on Halloween, they have decided to put up roadblocks, beginning "around dusk," and will only allow those cars into town whose drivers/passengers are residents.

This annoys me not because I want to go to the downtown Halloween festivities but because I want to get to the bank on my way home. And for that matter, I want to get home, which is not in Chapel Hill, but all roads to home will take me past backed-up traffic at the barricades. Oh yeah---this will make me REALLY want to celebrate Halloween! A municipal trick with no treat involved.

But to those of you not responsible for any of this, Happy Halloween!

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