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October 17, 2001

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If You Really Want to Know...

I guess, like the second-ranked rental car company, I need to try harder. Or wait another little bit of time, since without trying at all, I find myself ranked second in a category on Google. That would be wonderful if it had anything to do with either of my business sites. But my high ranking comes from making a remark in a journal entry about starting a porn site. I was number four just a few months ago.

So I've decided to capitalize on that. No, I actually am not the main person you want to consult about that sort of business. Not that I object to porn or porn sites, since I don't. But I don't have any experience in doing porn sites, except for some proofreading. But if you're still reading, and that's what you seriously want information about, I do have some resources that I'll share. To get the information, you'll have to write me. And you'll have to convince me you're serious, or I won't waste my time.

What's in this for me? More hits!

Those of you who are shocked at the above offer, well, sorry!

And in the meantime, while you're waiting for that information to arrive, go check out my two business sites noted above. Who knows. You might find something you need or want there, and it would make me happy to have some more buyers.

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