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October 18, 2001

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Saying No

There's a company here in North Carolina which is about to start marketing kits to test for anthrax. These will be marketed to average people, for use in homes, etc. I'm not going to comment on their specific product, because I don't know that much about it. But I like the idea.

I see having a handy-dandy anthrax test kit as being a wonderful way to say no to terrorism. I don't see it as taking advantage of fear at all. I see it as empowering people to fight fear with fact. And spreading fear is what terrorism is all about.

And the only way we can combat terrorism is to refrain from being terrified by it. Bombing someplace thousands of miles away isn't combatting terrorism. It's retaliating for earlier acts. Combatting terrorism will take having the courage to say no to it.

No, I will not let the miniscule possibility of anthrax getting to me keep me from opening the mail. I will arm myself with knowledge and use that to let me live my life as normally as possible.

No, I will not let the possibility of other acts of terrorists keep me from enjoying my life. If they think of something else to throw at me, I will learn what I need to know to combat that, too.

No, I will not let the bastards get me down.

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