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October 5, 2001

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Early Morning

It's early Friday morning as I write this. I came home very tired yesterday evening, and went to bed early. I meant to write a piece yesterday about how it was St. Francis' Day, and how much I like St. Francis. Since that didn't get written, I'll save the thought for another time.

I stayed up late Wednesday finishing up some things. Then I got up early Thursday to finish a client project. It was a good project, having to do with a prayerful response to the terrorism. I am not only pleased that my client wanted the work done, but also grateful to have been involved in some small way in a worthy project.

When I got through with that, and was getting ready to get ready for work at the law firm (translated: I was doing my morning web-surf, only at warp speed this time, since I still needed to get dressed), I read a question posed to a group of us by a member of the group, having to do in part with church music. I made a mental note to answer that one later, if no one else had. But there was no need; other people had good comments and information to offer. And I was glad, because the question was worthy of an answer.

After work, I saw with some dismay that another group of which I am a virtual part was having a semantics battle. I decided to stay out of that one, because neither side was paying close enough attention to the other side to realize what was being said. I decided that trying to point that out would not help, and I was right---they sorted it out themselves. I'm glad I went to bed and let them argue it out without me.

That brings us to right now, and right now I need to go have some more coffee. Hope your Friday is a pleasant day.

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