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October 6, 2001

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Lazy Day

I knew I was tired last night when I went to bed. I did not realize I was tired enough to sleep as late as I did today. But it was nice.

And I let myself be lazy the rest of the day, for the most part. I read some, and watched television, and avoided going out in the rain. Any errands could be put off till tomorrow.

Tomorrow will wind up being a bit busier a day, but all in all, I'm glad I gave myself a day off from most everything. That's the nice thing about weekends having two days---you can put some things off the first day if that works better for you.

Something else that worked to my advantage actually took place earlier this week---I got e-mail that I suspected was infected with a virus, so I deleted it. A bit of checking showed that it was the SirCam virus, but my computer's virus scan today showed that no infection had happened. It had come through one of the mail-to links on my Rebeccaworks site.

I suspect the sender was one of the people who has sent spam---a check of my records showed that the sender was not someone to whom I had ever sent information regarding crocheting, which was the mail-to link through which I received the infected piece.

I'm glad I didn't have to give up my lazy Saturday to deal with a virus from spam. But let this serve as warning that SirCam is still out there, so please don't let your guard down.

Hope your Saturday has been a good one, too.

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