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May 26, 2001

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A Long Week

I am tired. This has been a long week. Very fulfilling, but long, nonetheless.

I want to say a huge thanks to Kristin for the entry she wrote on Friday. She makes very good points. And I appreciate the nice things she said about me, too.

The absolute nicest thing, for me, coming out of the whole Kaycee debacle has been the chance to get to know Saundra better and spend some time chatting with her. I don't really need to tell you she's as smart as a whip, but I will, anyway, in case you hadn't thought about it recently.

Runner-up has been getting to know a few other people better; people who also write online in one venue or another.

And the least nice? Well, that would be being called a liar. At no point in this looking-into-Kaycee did I lie about what I was doing. Several times I refused to answer questions about what I was looking into. But at no point did I say I was not looking into this situation, either in public or in private. That would have been adding a wrong, and two wrongs do not make a right.

The most painful? Hearing the stories of people who have been hurt by this.

The most bizarre thing? Having someone (who has a website not worth wasting my time typing a link to) suggest that we who were looking into the Kaycee story were all frauds. He was making an extremely lame joke, for which he later made a lame apology.

The most amusing? Getting to see the story in print in the online version of foreign newspapers. I have seen it in Portugese and Italian. I had learned a little bit of Italian in my music training, so that was the easier to make sense of, not that I could translate either. I just recognized more of the words in that one.

And my final thought for the day on this subject? That I'm glad the story is out in the open, being hashed and rehashed.

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