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April 12, 2001

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An Air of Current Sadness

Although this has been a pleasant day, it has had a tinge of sadness attached.

Had they lived, today would have been my parents' 49th wedding anniversary. I think of the two of them fairly often, but today I miss them both, much moreso than usual.

There is an air of current sadness this week, too. Our friend Sandy has suffered a terrible loss. Those of us who care for her are trying to honor her request that we send prayers and thoughts in behalf of her and her sons. The link above is to her message board; she has not yet begun another journal.

Today is Maundy Thursday for many of us; the day set to observe the Last Supper that Christ had with His Disciples. For several of us, it is also a day of remembering loved ones who have died on this day in Holy Week. A few years ago, I went to the funeral on Easter Day of a friend who had died on Maundy Thursday.

As was custom in our Lutheran congregation, there had been a celebration of the Holy Eucharist that night. My friend had been there, and had suffered a not-unexpected fatal heart attack upon her return home. It was appropriate that she be buried on Easter Day, even though the funeral home involved tried to dissuade the family by telling them it would be hard to have the grave dug. Our pastor overheard that statement by the funeral director, and promptly assured him that should it be necessary, congregation members would dig the grave. (A lesson here: "Lutheran" can mean "stubborn.")

The funeral itself was a joyous celebration of my friend's life. It is the custom anytime during the Church Year for Lutherans to use Easter hymns at funerals; it was especially meaning-filled that year.

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It's getting late. Tomorrow I'll tell you what I did tonight---complete with pictures!

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