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April 7, 2001

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Stupid in Public

We all have moments when we look truly stupid. It's always worse when we bring it on ourselves...

The prompt for this observation is not some dunderheaded thing I've done. No, this one is courtesy of a member of the crafter's group. He let his fingers get several miles ahead of his brain when he posted to the group this week.

It seems he had posted a request earlier for advice on pricing some items, and had only received two responses. Instead of reposting his request, perhaps including thanks to the two who responded, he posted a whiny note, saying he thought the reason for the lack of response was that he was male, and that we should change the name of the group to indicate that only women were welcome.

Well, this got him a ton of response---including from yours truly. I told him that I had not answered his request for such advice because I had utterly no knowledge about pricing the items, and that my lack of response had nothing to do with his gender.

Most of the other people who wrote said basically the same thing, although a couple of people did tell him they had been too busy to respond. Several people said they hadn't seen the first post on the subject, for one reason or another. And several people offered opinions on the prices he was suggesting for the items. All were nice, but all basically told him to chill.

By the way---there are quite a few men in the group. I knew that; our whiny poster found out today.

He did post again today, to thank those who had answered him. The tone of today's post was appropriately contrite.

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