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April 6, 2001

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The Joke of My Day

I just this very evening got an offer from a company representative to submit my website to search engines. The e-mail note said that my site wasn't listed with some of the major search engines, but that for a fee, the company would submit it.

The writer of the note even included a handy-dandy little link to the sign-up page on her company's site. Could not have been easier to sign up, from what I could see.

There's just a wee tiny problem with this, aside from the fact that I do my own search engine submissions. The problem? It isn't my site.

That's right, I have now received spam sent to an e-mail link in a guest entry I did last year for Did You Bring Bottles?, which is David's site on grocery store history.

Those of you who've read much here at all know I consider David to be a friend. And I was extremely pleased last year when he accepted my offer to write the piece for the site. Of course, I like the site itself; I've always enjoyed reading through it.

But the last I heard, David had not handed the ownership of the site over to me. So I think it would be presumptious of me to sign up for the plan the company was offering.

Not to mention fraudulent.

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