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February 20, 2000

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Tuesday Thoughts

I'm a bit late in saying thanks to Elaine of Overactive Imaginations for naming "Becky Says..." as featured journal. As I have said before, I consider it an honor when someone lets me know they like what I've written.

And I'm a day late in noting that there's a new category over to your left in the links list---Forums and Message Boards. The ones in the list are the ones I check most days, and upon which I occasionally post a comment. Don't forget you're always welcome to add a comment to this one.

Some random thoughts:

---Today got off to a good start when I won Jackie's contest. She needed the date of something that wasn't on her calendar, and it happened to be on mine, which was right beside me when the e-mail to her notify list came. So I quick-fingeredly replied, and my answer reached her first. I so rarely win contests that this is a big deal!

---When use of the honorific, "Ms.," first started, I thought it wasn't necessary. I got over that pretty quickly, and now truly prefer it. Although I am not married, there is a level of innocence that I tend to associate with using the honorific, "Miss," that does not apply to me.

---During the time I was at home with my mother, I moved my church membership back to the Lutheran parish in which I grew up. I haven't moved it again, mainly because I didn't want to. But part of being considered an active member in a parish of the ELCA is either taking communion or making a monetary contribution of record (not just putting cash in the plate, but making sure your name is attached). And in the past couple of years I haven't done either. So I have achieved inactive status. That means the local congregation does not pay dues on me (yes, I consider "apportionment" to be dues, let's call spades spades, please), which is as it should be. In times past, when a person needed to be considered inactive, that parish went ahead and listed the person in the directory, but noted the status. That has changed, and my name is no longer in the list. But they dutifully sent me a copy of the directory. At earlier points in my life, that would have hurt me terribly. At this point, it's just funny.

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