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February 21, 2001

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I had occasion this evening to take a short walk in my apartment complex parking lot. It was shortly before suppertime, and there were lots of people coming home for the day. Apparently one fellow decided we needed some entertainment, and he proceeded to crank up his car's sound system and make several passes through the lot (this involved too many u-turns to count).

His choice of entertainment? Someone chanting something involving repetition of the "F" word. That was the whole thing. I'm sure, because he never drove out of earshot.

I do believe this just might have been for shock value.

This, of course, was followed later in the evening by the Grammy non-event. You know: the joint appearance of Elton John and Eminem. What hype! What a waste of Elton John's time and talent!

I am a big believer in freedom of speech. Someone commented today that the best defense against speech considered offensive was more speech, not censorship. And I agree.

All the same, the amount of hot air expended by those hyping the joint appearance, and defending Eminem's appearance on the show, could have been put to better use. If it had somehow been captured, it could have provided heat for the rest of the winter.

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