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February 15, 2001

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Spam Again

Back to one of my favorite subjects---e-mail spam. Have you seen any that comes with a disclaimer tacked on at the end that cites some regulation? And goes on to say something to the effect that as long as there's no money spent and that they provide an opt-out you cannot consider this message spam? I just got that disclaimer several times a few minutes ago.

But sender(s) have no right to tell me that I can or cannot "consider" a piece of mail to be spam.

And trust me, I do consider this to be the case with the latest batch. It all came to the business mailbox, and was four copies of the same message, ostensibly from different senders. They were offering themselves as experts in Flash, and were sure I would want to use them for rmy site. So we could get started right away, they asked me to call them at some far-away number. I did look, and it's the same number in all four.

That was on my way to deleting them.

I'm more angry at being told I cannot consider spam to be spam than I am over getting four copies of the stupid message.

But you can be sure that if I ever decide my site needs Flash (which is highly unlikely), this company will be excluded from the list of people I contact about doing it.

Just for pissing me off.

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