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February 14, 2001

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A Little Scattered

If I had been a computer today, running Windows, I would have wanted to get into my utility program and start defragmenting. I have been scattered all over the place, with lots of things going on. And with some things running in the background (minimized).

I've spent some private time studying on some things I need to know for a project I'm starting. At appropriate points (translation: when I got to the glazed-eye stage of information-gathering), I've taken breaks to read journals.

And I've spent time working on some housework that was getting desperately needed---that phantom has done the dish thing again.

It was a cloudy, dreary day here, so I didn't go errand-running. I decided to wait until it looked less like it was going to rain ten seconds after I got outside, since the errands I need to do are those where a lot of outside walking is involved.

When I had finally worked, studied, journal-read, and dish-washed enough, I decided it was naptime in Beckyland.

That was one of my smarter moves. Now I'm a little less scattered, and ready to study some more---after I read the journals of those who update at night, of course.

That was my day. Yours?

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