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October 29, 2000

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Being Nice

It is possible to praise something without making disparaging remarks about something else. Praise can stand alone.

Those concepts seem to be unknown ones to a variety of people these days, and that's a shame.

It's okay to like something better than something else. If you have proof, it's okay to say why this is better than that. But if your purpose is to say something is nice, you can say so without making a comparison.

I guess it's the political season that got this idea going in my brain. But it was pushed further along with comments I've seen recently on a couple of message boards. These were comments on products and services. The comments that merely endorsed whatever the writer liked came across quite well.

And after the elections are over, someone remind me to tell you about the commercial that I really like for one candidate. It has nothing but nice in it.

Next time you want to say something nice, stop after you've said the nice part. See? It's very easy. Even habit-forming!

Want to say something nice? Here's a nice place to do it!

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