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October 30, 2000

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Plan B

It's been a busy day here in Beckyland. It began with a delicately-worded answer to a potential new client who didn't realize how complicated the proposed work would be. I could have done exactly as the person asked, but it would have taken a great deal of time, and would have cost the person a great deal of money. I wanted to make sure this potential client knew a little more about how the work would be done before committing to paying for it. The person thanked me and proposed Plan B, a smaller project.

The day continued with me realizing I didn't have something I needed to do a personal project---or if I had it, I had put it away so carefully that it would take till next week to find it. I went with Plan B on that one, too, and did another project.

I went to the Post Office and Plan B came into play again---I bought different stamps than I had intended, since they were out of the ones I had planned to buy.

On to other errands, then home to another Plan B when I changed my mind about what I wanted for supper.

Plan B showed up again when I was doing some writing tonight. I am extremely fond of the cut-and-paste feature right now!

Last but not least, this is not the subject I had planned to use for an entry. That will show up another time. This is Plan B.

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