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October 25, 2000

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Dwindling Patience

I don't have much patience with people who can't be pleased. You know them---people for whom nothing is ever good enough. Give them gold and they want platinum. Give them attention, and they don't think you're giving them enough of it.

The preceeding paragraph brought to you courtesy of someone I really like, who makes the mistake of whining about not getting enough moral support.

With this person it's becoming a theme both constant and monotonous.

Trouble is, the poor little whiny thing doesn't bother to acknowledge the support that is received, and those of us who have been supportive are getting tired of our efforts being treated as though they're not worth anything.

Two words could reverse this trend.

Thank you.

As I'm sure you astute, literate people are aware, those are two simple, one-syllable words. They don't take long to say, or write, or type, and probably could be sent as smoke signals fairly easily, too.

They will do a lot toward keeping people responding to pleas for support. Trust me on this.

Failure to use them, however, may lead to a lack of support in critical times.

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