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May 2006

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Addressed - May 25

Remember the man who sent me his change-of-address information by accident a few months ago?

Well, apparently I've managed to get into the family e-mail base under my own first name (The original note had my address, but "Tony" as the recipient). My first clue to this was shortly before Easter when the same man sent a link to a religious films website, with a brief note.

Obviously this one didn't have anything particularly confidential in it, but I replied anyway. I said that I thought he had added me to the family by accident, but no harm. I went on to send him a link to one of my favorite sites so he could read the Lenten meditation series then ongoing, and to wish him a happy Easter.

He didn't reply to that, so I figured I had been removed from the list.

And maybe I have, from his computer. But I think there are still people in the family who have the address and are thinking I'm one of their relatives whose name is similar.

Earlier this week I got a note from someone writing to thank a Becky who wasn't me for including her in prayers.

So I wrote to let her know I wasn't the intended Becky, since I hadn't heard of her before. But I went on to say I'd keep her in my prayers.

After all, that's an easy thing to do for someone who is perhaps part of your virtual not-quite family!

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