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Friday - December 27

Christmas greetings! The day may be past, but the season is still with us. Still with me are a few memories of past Christmases. A reasonably recent one is of helping a church congregation get ready for Christmas Eve Service. A member of the congregation was helping with the last-minute setting up of candles to be used during the singing of a hymn.

While we were doing that, it came time for the service to start and for another hymn to be sung. Turned out we were both altos, and wound up singing a couple of verses of the current hymn in full alto glory. I know that evening cemented our friendship. I also know I dearly miss her...she died last winter.

This year I skipped church and had pizza for dinner on Christmas Eve. I had been hungry for it, and there was plenty to share with housemates. Our landlords had prepared and brought Christmas Dinner on the 23rd, and we housemates made plans to have lasagna on Christmas afternoon. The rest of the week we've had leftovers. Tomorrow, I'll go grocery-shopping. And will try to remember this is Holidailies, not Holi-weekly!


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