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Carolina Wins! - April 5

Light blue in the body of this entry is not a hyperlink.

I told you I might bust out the Carolina Blue font color if Carolina won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship, and they did!

Lots of sentiment about this game. First, the team is pretty much the same group who lost a very close game last year, so it was their chance to redeem themselves in their own eyes. And I got started thinking about the fact that this is the sixth National Championship they've won in the modern NCAA, and I've been alive for all six of them. Admittedly, in 1957 I was not paying attention to the game. But later in my childhood my allegiance was cemented, long before I planned to come to Carolina. And by 1982 I definitely was paying attention!

Every year since 1982 when Carolina has won a championship I've bought myself one souvenier. Either a mug, a t-shirt, or (my favorite) a view of the crowds on Franklin Street after the win, in contrast with a view of the same location earlier in the evening. I haven't decided what this year's souvenier will be, but rest assured I'll have something soon-ish.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying seeing a whole lot of Carolina Blue!

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