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At Last, an Update - March 26

Sorry for the long time with no entries. I've had trouble getting myself motivated for anything creative this year, not just writing journal entries.

Anyway, today is a day in which I'm in the mood to write. It's the fiftieth anniversary of my First Communion and Confirmation. I'm Lutheran, and nowdays Communion doesn't usually wait for Confirmation, but it still did in those days. I don't remember everything about the day, which was Easter that year, but I remember taking responsibility for myself in the eyes of the Church. It was, and is, a big deal.

I celebrated the anniversary by going to church and then out to lunch with a friend.

Early semi-retirement continues to be a very good thing. I love having time to visit with friends, and to shop. I'm still lazy about housework of the sorting variety, but it happens. Point is, I love having the time to do as I please.

I'm doing my best to stay out of political discussions.

And I'm loving how well the Tar Heels are doing in the NCAA Tournament. Who knows...if they win, I may bust out the Carolina Blue font color.

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